SYA Little League Softball Fees - Spring 2023

This table outlines the expected fees and age levels for the upcoming 2023 Spring season. Minors may be broken out to player pitch, a split player/coach pitch levels, and a machine pitch level depending on the number of registrations.
All players will be required to wear softball face masks as detailed here. Exceptions are: catcher position, where a catchers helmet is required and for outfielders at the Junior and Seniors level. Note: Girls aged from 4-6 should sign up for Little League Baseball as we combine these levels at TB and Coach Pitch.

Level of Play Softball Age Beg Date End Date Early Bird Registration Fee County Fee Out of County Fee Volunteer Opt-Out
Minors-Majors 7 to 12 1/1/2010 12/31/2015 $159.50 $5.50 $30 $50
Seniors 13 to 16 1/1/2006 12/31/2009 $179.50 $5.50 $30 $50
  1. Softball Age Determination: Player’s age on December 31, 2022. 
  2. Regular Registration Fee begins February 1, 2023 – add $25 to the above Early Bird Registration Fee.
  3. Additional Family Discounts: $15 off for second and additional players (must register at the same time and for Little League). This discount expires on February 1, 2023.
  4. Out of County Fee are for those players with waivers to play that live outside Fairfax County – We collect this for the county and submit to them
  5. Volunteer Opt-Out Fee is $50 per family if all players registers at the same time
  6. Refunds are charged a $35 administration fee. One week after rosters are distributed, there are no refunds.
  7. Scholarship requests will be charged $75 plus any applicable county fee
  8. Team formations will follow tryouts/group workouts, which will begin in late February, early March.
  9. All registrations will go to a waiting list starting March 1. While room will typically still exist, there are no guarantees at that time.

Scholarship Opportunities:
Fairfax County Youth Sports Scholarship Program

SYA provides team jerseys that can be worn over a T-shirt or alone. If buying a softball glove: The sporting goods stores have larger selections in the spring. Check the tag carefully to be sure you’re buying a softball glove, not a baseball glove. The displays get awfully mixed up!

Wear loose fitting shorts, athletic shorts, or sweatpants. Jeans and fitted shorts don’t allow enough freedom of movement. Most players will get baseball/softball pants. Coaches will determine color.

Sneakers are fine to start. If you stick with softball, you’ll probably want to get a pair of non-metal softball or baseball cleats.

The League will provide each player with a Washington Nationals team hat and team shirt. Each player is required to provide a softball glove, cleats (optional at lower levels) and softball pants. Optional items include: batting helmet,and bat. Teams will be provided additional equipment. Catchers may have their own gear as teams will have one set available for sharing. Players also need to provide a water bottle and a strap for glasses. Glasses must have non-breakable lenses. Face guards, pending position, can also be required as noted here.

Girls’ softball is played with metal or wood bats. Bats must be certified by the Little League International. Check out the web site for all the details. TeeBall and Coach Pitch bats must align to the Little League Baseball bat standard – USA Baseball label.

Batting helmets must meet Little League standards and be marked with “Meets NOCSAE Standard”. Chin straps and face guards for batting helmets are optional but encouraged, however please note that any alteration to the helmet after purchase must be approved by the manufacturer. Adding paint, decals, and the like may also void the manufacturer warranty. See Little League Softball rule 1.16 for all the details.


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