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Registrations are now open for all boys and girls from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Registrations are broken into two groups, K/1st grade and 2nd thru 12th grades.  K/1st is co-ed and 2nd-12th has boys and girls programs.

K/1st Graders:  This year we are implementing a brand new program for Kindergarten and 1st graders.  This program is based on feedback from our parents, along with observations of our program over the last several years.  At this young age, most of our participants are either brand new to the game of basketball or still learning the game while developing their eye/hand coordination.  We want all kids who try our basketball program at this very young level, to learn the game and help develop their skills so that they can enjoy the love of basketball as we your volunteer leaders, do

The program is limited to the first 80 players who register and pay (fees will be $105 per player + Fairfax County player fee of $5.50).  There will be no volunteer coaches, but rather instructors who focus on teaching the four primary skill sets of dribbling, passing, shooting and defense.  The program will be one hour per week with a ratio of 5 kids to one instructor.  The season will begin after the holidays in January and run for about 8 weeks. 

If you are interested in being an instructor, please register as a volunteer and contact us for more information at COMMISSIONER@SYABASKETBALL.ORG with a subject line of INSTRUCTOR.

2nd thru 12th Graders:  Registration for basketball is open to boys and girls in grades 2nd-12th.  SYA is committed to providing a healthy and safe atmosphere for players of all skill levels.  Fees are $170 for the season plus $5.50 Fairfax County User fee.  If you are not a resident of Fairfax County there is an additional $30 out of county fee.  The season will begin in November with open gyms followed by mandatory skills evaluations on December 2nd.  Typical season schedule is one practice per week and one game on Saturdays (high school leagues will also play on Sundays). 

The winter season will begin with Open Gyms mid-November.  Schedule is posted here Open Gyms   Open gyms are optional, but are a good way to get the kids onto the courts and getting in basketball shape for the upcoming season.   Skills assessments will be held December 2nd for most age groups, with team practices beginning mid-December.  Players must be fully registered with SYA Winter Basketball to participate in open gyms.

Games will run from December 16th through mid-March, with a two week break during the FCPS winter break.  All games and practices will be held in local Centreville/Clifton area schools.

We can always use volunteer coaches, so please consider signing up to coach.  There will be two training sessions for new coaches in December.  Head coaches are needed for the following age groups:

Boys – 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th/10th, & 11th/12 grade leagues

Girls – 5th/6th and 7th-12th grade leagues

If you have any questions about skills assessments, coaching, or anything in your child’s age group — please feel free to reach out to your child's age group commissioner below or email   COMMISSIONER@SYABASKETBALL.ORG



 Grade  Age Group Commissioner  Email
 Travel  5th-8th  Josh Purdy
 Coed  K-1st  Gary Flather

 Boys  2nd  Dee Gutierez

 Boys  3rd   Meghan Rubio

 Boys  4th  David Cho 

 Boys  5th  Kristi Purdy

 Boys   6th  Monny Saini

 Boys   7th  Renee Macri

 Boys   8th  Renee Macri

 Boys   9th-10th  Aimee Wells

 Boys   11th-12th  Sultan Ludd 
 Girls  2nd  Kristi Purdy
 Girls   3rd/4th  Kristi Purdy
 Girls   5th/6th  Lucy Hickey

 Girls   7th-12th  Ed McCarthy



(Note: Skills evaluations are not required for 1st & 2nd grade)


 3rd Grade

 Sat, Dec 2nd 8:15 a.m.

Stone Middle School

Boys   4th Grade

 Sat, Dec 2nd 4:45

Stone Middle School

Boys   5th Grade   Sat, Dec 2nd 3:30 Stone Middle School
Boys   6th Grade  Sat, Dec 2nd  11:45

Stone Middle School

Boys   7th Grade  Sat, Dec 2nd 10:15 Stone Middle School
Boys    8th Grade  Sat, Dec 2nd  9:15 Stone Middle School
Boys  9th/10th Grade  Sun, Dec 3rd  12:00-2:00 Centreville High
Boys  11th/12th Grade  Sun, Dec 3rd  2:00-4:00 Centreville High
Girls  3rd/4th Grade

 Sat, Dec 2nd   1:00

Stone Middle School

Girls   5th/6th Grade  Sat, Dec 2nd  2:15 Stone Middle School
Girls  7th-12 Grade  Mon, Dec 4th  6:00 Stone Middle School



Tryouts for SYA Winter Travel Basketball will held the very beginning of October.  The tryout schedule is posted below.  In order to be considered for a travel team, players must attend at least two tryouts.  Open gyms will begin early Sept and are posted here.  Open gyms are an opportunity for players considering trying out for a travel team to come out, meet the coaches, and experience basketball drills and scrimmages. It is also an opportunity for travel coaches to get to meet the players who will be trying out.  In order to tryout, players must register for "Basketball - Travel Tryouts - Winter" at  There is no cost for registration for Travel Basketball Tryouts.

In addition to open gyms, SYA will be offering complimentary training to players who are registered for "SYA Travel Tryouts".  Please see the "Clinics/Open Gyms" tab here for dates and times.

Teams will be formed and practices will begin early/mid October.  Games will begin late November and continue through the first week of March with a two week break during the FCPS winter break. SYA participates in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League,FCYBL Games will be held in Fairfax County school gyms on weekends.  It should be noted that Travel League games will not necessarily be in the local Centreville area.  Please email any questions you might have to Josh Purdy at

Winter Travel Tryout Schedule 2023

Girls 5th

 Mon, Oct 2nd     6:00-7:30

 Thurs, Oct 5th     7:00-8:30

 Tues, Oct 10th,    7:00-8:30

 London Towne Elem

 Cub Run Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

Girls 6th

   Tues, Oct 3rd,  6:00-7:30

    Wed,Oct 4th   6:00-7:30

    Mon, Oct 9th  7:30-9:00

 Cub Run Elementary

 Colin Powell Elementary

 London Towne Elem

Girls 7th

   Mon, Oct 2nd,    7:30-9:00  

   Tues, Oct 10th,   6:00-7:30

   Thurs, Oct 12th,   6:00-7:30

 London Towne Elem

 London Towne Elem

 London Towne Elem

Boys 5th

  Mon, Oct 2nd, 6:00-7:30 

  Wed, Oct 4th, 6:00-7:30 

  Mon Oct 9th, 6:00-7:30

 Deer Park Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

Boys 6th

  Mon, Oct 2nd, 7:30-9:00

  Wed, Oct 4th, 7:30-9:00

 Thurs, Oct 5th, 6:00-7:30

 Deer Park Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

Boys 7th

  Tues, Oct 3rd    6:00-7:30

  Thurs, Oct 5th   7:30-9:00

  Mon, Oct 9th     6:00-7:30 

 Deer Park Elementary

 Deer Park Elementary

 London Towne Elem

 Boys  8th

  Mon, Oct 9th       7:30-9:00

  Wed, Oct 11th     6:00-7:30

  Fri,  Oct 13th      7:00-8:30

 Deer Park Elementary

  Colin Powell Elem

  Stone Middle School







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