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Do you love volleyball? By volunteering, you can share your passion for the sport with young athletes so they have the opportunity to fall in love with volleyball, too!

SYA Volleyball is made available entirely through the efforts of volunteers. Below you will find the volunteer roles that need to be filled in order for SYA volleyball to function. The more people who volunteer, the more likely that SYA volleyball will be a rewarding experience for our athletes and our families.


Head coaches and assistant coaches are always needed. The number of teams fielded in each league is directly related to the number of coaches that volunteer. Prior coaching and volleyball playing experience is a plus, but is not required – training and supporting materials will be provided by SYA.

  • Head Coach – SYA requires that all head coaches be over 18. Head coaches are responsible for overall team management. The total time commitment will be 3.5 to 4 hours per week. Head coaches are allowed to choose their practice times and locations from the available options.
  • Assistant Coach - Assistant Coaches can be adults or teenagers. Assistant coaches follow the head coach’s lead and assist with drills at practice and supporting the team during matches.  The total time commitment will be approximately 3 hours per week.  Community service hours are available for high school students volunteering as assistant coaches.

To register as a coach or assistant coach, please volunteer at syasports.org.


  • CommissionerThe commissioner provides overall direction and leadership for all levels of SYA volleyball – house, travel, club and clinics. The commissioner represents SYA volleyball at SYA board meetings, addresses volleyball inquiries and has final approval on budget, expenditures, etc. (Note: The commissioner is an elected position from among those who volunteer to take on this role.)
  • House League Directors – House league directors provide the leadership for each of the 3 levels of house leagues (high school, middle school, and elementary school). Responsibilities include communicating league-related information to coaches/players/parents, establishing league schedules, maintaining league standings and running the end of season tournament. No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Travel Director - The travel director manages both the fall and spring Dave Lacey Travel Volleyball League.  Responsibilities include coordinating with other youth volleyball organizations to establish the number of teams, secure match facilities, and create the league schedule. No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Skills/Clinics Director – The skills clinic director establishes the dates and times of the winter and summer clinics, ensures the clinic information is published, finds suitable coaches for the clinics, responds to any player/parent questions or concerns about clinics, and ensures professional operation during the clinic sessions.
  • Referee Coordinators
    • House Leagues Referee Coordinator – The house league referee coordinator schedules referees for all house league matches. No prior volleyball experience is required.
    • Travel League Referee Coordinator – The travel league referee coordinator schedules referees for all travel league matches. No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Facilities Coordinator – The facilities coordinator gathers all practice and match space requirements for the various leagues and works with SYA and the county to reserve the necessary gym space, and is responsible for maintaining the master gym schedule for SYA Volleyball. No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Equipment Manager – The equipment manager is responsible to ensure that all gyms have a proper, working net and standards (and scoring devices where appropriate) and that each team has an appropriate number of balls and other equipment.  No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Uniform Manager – At the start of each season, the uniform manager will work with the league directors to determine the number, sizes, and colors of jerseys required for each team, orders the jerseys and delivers them the league directors/coaches. No prior volleyball experience is required.
  • Web Site Manager – The web site manager will make all changes to the web site as directed by the commissioner and/or directors. No prior volleyball experience is required.


Referees - Individuals are needed to referee house league matches. Ideal candidates are high school or club volleyball players with a USA Volleyball referee certification, but any high school age player who knows and understands the rules of volleyball will be considered.


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