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Updated: March 27, 2022


Question Answer
What does a typical practice/game schedule look like?

2 nights per week practice
Games on Saturdays

When do practices start? Spring - late Feb
Fall late August
When do games start? Spring - March
Fall - September
When do seasons end? Spring - June
Fall - November
Are there evaluations/tryouts? When? Yes - TBD
Are there playoffs? Yes - TBD
Is there a Picture Day? Yes - TBD
Opening or closing ceremonies or activities No
Where can I find more info? Throughout the website
Are there any Big Events for this sport during season Not at this time


When/where will practices be?

For the 2020-21 season, we practice in the Chantilly/Herndon area. Specific scheduling for each team will be included with offers.


How do I tryout for a team?
Tryouts each season are held in early November. Our tryouts for the 2020-2021 season have concluded. Thanks so much to everyone who attended tryouts!

How much does it cost to play on an SYA Volleyball Club team?
Click HERE for information on fees

What about COVID-19?
The safety of our players, coaches, and families is of the utmost importance.  With Virginia moving into Phase III Reopening Guidelines, we are proceeding with our season in accordance with these guidelines. We have instituted some safety processes and are requiring some additional forms. Details can be found at this link. If the situation changes, we will reassess and quickly communicate any updates.

What happens if I am offered a place on the team?
You will be given directions on how to affiliate with SYA Sports, and additional tasks and forms. You will be required to read, agree to terms, and sign and return a contract along with the first payment to lockin your offer. You will then start receiving various emails regarding club information, as well as team-specific information, such as practice and tournament details. From this point forward both players and parents should carefully read all emails from both the club director and coach right away, as some may be time-sensitive.

If I accept a place on the team and then later change my mind or can’t come to practices, can I get my money back?
No. Remember, for every player we offer, several others were turned down. Once you accept an offer for one of our teams, you are making a financial commitment. Players will be required to register with SYA and make an initial payment within a designated period of time. If you fail to do this you risk forfeiting your offer.

Do I have to come to all the practices, fitness and strength training sessions, and tournaments?
Yes. When a player and her parents accept an offer to join a team, they are making a commitment not only to the club and the coach, but also to the other players on the team. Players should view this responsibility seriously and make every effort to attend all practices and tournaments. They will be asked to sign a contract and return with their first payment reflecting their commitment. For a player to develop individually, and for a team to develop as a unit, all players should come to practices and tournaments with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and give their best effort.

Does everyone have to become a referee and scorer? 
Every team is required to provide work teams throughout the day during tournaments. Viewing these tasks in a positive manner, and taking note of the benefits from them, can make a big difference in the time spent performing the duties. As a referee, scorer, or line judge, you have a close-up view of the teams against which you will be competing. You will also be reinforcing your knowledge of the game and, by extension, improving your own skills by observation of both the good and the bad. Players will be assigned to rotate through the duties as long as they have the required certification. Therefore, all players are expected to complete on-line referee and scorer training, and will receive information on doing so from the coaches.

What tournaments will my team play in?
Coaches will determine which tournaments they would like to attend. That decision will also be based upon player availability.

What is the Concussion Education Program?

SYA Sports, our parent organization, requires that all players, parents and coaches complete a concussion education training each season. Click here for more information.

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