Calling SYA Little League Baseball and Softball Umpires!

Calling SYA Little League Baseball and Softball Umpires!

SYA Little League needs umpires, especially adults. Umpires give structure and oversight to games and are an important piece for the players' learning experience. If you have any interest or curiousity in umpiring our player pitch games, don't hesitate but ask. New, increased pay scale, even adults can now earn some money! If is never too late to do the following:

  • Email our chief umpire with your desire to help us out (Mike Robinson) and with a photo ID
  • Register as a volunteer at the SYA Registration Site
  • Complete the background check - receive email notification from JDP (Age 18 and over)
  • Plan on attending one of the rules trainings and the mechanics training
  • We are looking for both baseball and softball umpires

Rules (Zoom) Training

  • TBD

Mechanics (On Field) Training

  • TBD

Plan on attending at least one rules and one on the field training session. Other trainings provided as necessary.

We appreciate our volunteers (and paid umpires) for helping us have a successful season of baseball and softball! Do you know we pay youths and young adults that are in school still? If parents, register and do at least 8 games, they get a refund on their child's registration fees? Or we will even pay adults who sign up and go through the training. Ask about our program today! See Appendix B in our SOP for the umpire program details.

SYA Little League Umpires

Parents who volunteer to attend umpire training and umpire a minimum of 8 games (Player Pitch games only) will receive a refund of their child’s registration fee (1 refund per 8 games umpired). Must schedule and report games through our web site. 

Schedule Your Games: Select/schedule your games using League Breeze. You should have been provided login credentials, if you have registered. If not, contact Mike Robinson. Games can be scheduled up to two weeks in advanced - honor system. Any issues or concerns with the site, please contact Mike Robinson NOTE: Please do not sign up for back to back games for behind the plate (or behind the mound), especially the youth umpires. Do one game behind the plate the next in the field. 

We may adjust assignments based on circumstances and we will work with you on this.



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