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Welcome to SYA Girls Softball

Centreville, Clifton, & Fairfax Areas

SYA offers softball in Centreville, Clifton, and Fairfax in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Our recreational league (house program) plays both spring and fall seasons under the Little League banner.  Girls from ages 4-16 are welcome, regardless of ability or previous playing experience.  Xplosion is the SYA competitive travel program with teams 10U through 18U.  Visit our Little League Softball Fees page for all the details regarding age groups, payment and refund polices, equipment needs, etc.

Softball Announcements


SYA Little League is pleased to announce the upcoming 2018 Annual Meeting and election for the Board of Directors (the Board). This body oversees the property and daily affairs of SYA Little League for Baseball (4-12 years of age) and Softball (7-16 years of age).

Procedures for the election call for nominations to fill the vacant slots on the Board, approximately half the Board slots become vacant each year. Election night, scheduled for Wednesday October 10, 2018 at 6:30pm at Stone Middle School in the Theatre. The SYA Little League Members present will vote on the Board nominations and will review the Constitution for any potential changes, as well as receive an overview of the past year and planned league activities for 2019 and beyond. These elections will include absentee ballots from members unable to attend the Annual Meeting. Absentee ballots (contact Board Secretary Woody Slaymaker – – for a ballot) will be available Sunday, October 7 through Tuesday, October 9, 2018. For absentee ballots to be counted, the member must be registered as noted and return the ballot to the Board Secretary by 12pm on October 10.

The membership of SYA Little League is comprised of all persons registered with SYA Little League as volunteers to include managers, coaches, and other general volunteers. As members, you have the right and responsibility to participate in these elections for the Board thereby representing the overall SYA Little League community. Parents, family members and fans of the game are strongly encouraged to register/attend as members and participate in this annual meeting and election as this is YOUR league. All members must register to be recognized as a part of SYA Little League, regardless of position. The current Board urges your participation in this process, either in person or via absentee ballot.

Once this general election is completed, the new Board will convene to determine the specific positions for each Board member as set forth in our constitution. Only members of the Board may vote during this follow-on process.

If you would like to register as a member and thus be eligible to vote in this general election, click here to register. You may also just attend this meeting and register upon arrival. Further information will be available as the election date approaches. If you are just nominating a person for the Board, click here to nominate.

The Board would like to see more parents and volunteers involved in the process, especially those who do not manage or coach a team. Please consider volunteering your time to help improve the baseball experience in our community. Parents of players from age 16 down to 4, we need you! This league cannot continue to provide a positive baseball experience without the efforts of past and future volunteers. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for the Board elections, please do so when you register as a member. For our current positions, you can see the current Board of Directors listing for an approximation of board titles – details can be obtained through Bob as noted below. Each new board is configured slightly different as the board best determines responsibilities/roles/titles.

Should you have any questions regarding the election process or the Board in general, please contact Bob Woodruff, SYA Little League President at


It is that time of year again as the Little League Softball World Series is coming up, with regional play starting on July 21. Watch this online. For more info, click here. McLean Little League is representing Virginia in Southeast Regional play.


Dick’s Sporting Goods, a great supporter of SYA Little League, continues to offer our families significant saving nearly year round. This coming Saturday (August 18th) is SYA Little League Day at Dick’s in Fair Lakes. Here is the link to the SYA Day coupon (20% off). Come out and support a league sponsor while getting geared up for the coming season!

Coupon to Dick’s: Softball Season Coupons


SYA Little League Softball’s equipment policy: Softball face masks will be required in order to play. 

This policy applies to all age groups.  If you have any questions, please reach out to: Softball Commissioner Bob Woodruff —

Example of a face mask is available at this link at Amazon: Amazon

PET POLICY — Not Allowed on School Grounds


There are three Fairfax County ordinances prohibiting pets (i.e., dogs) from all Fairfax County school grounds. There are health notices on all FCPS school grounds asking pet owners to NOT bring their pets on school grounds.

Please do not bring your pets to ANY school fields.


It must be on a leash, must remain AT LEAST 15 feet from the field at all times (NEVER to be on the field), controlled by someone that can restrict its movements (i.e. not a child), and any waste must be cleaned up and taken with you.

We prefer that you would NOT bring your pet to any soccer fields. We have had many complaints from concerned parents. While most people are responsible, even the best of dogs will had a bad day. 

Because of the number of people who visit the fields, and local health codes, please consider leaving your pet at home while attending soccer games.