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SYA Rugby – A fun, positive sports experience for boys & girls

Now in our fifth year, the SYA Youth Rugby Program (with over 100 kids!) offers both non-contact and tackle versions of the sport.  The two-hand touch variety, called “Tag”, is sevens-style rugby for boys and girls in elementary school.  Two-hand touch Rugby is a fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby that requires no prior knowledge of the game – just a willingness to learn and have fun! Making its debut in the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rugby Seven’s is a high-scoring game that emphasizes teamwork, communication and mutual support. The tackle rugby program is for boys in 5th-8th grades who are ready for the more physical, traditional form of the game.  At SYA, we teach the “shoulder leverage tackle” method, taking the head out of the tackle, to produce better tacklers and help prevent injury.

This is an exciting opportunity for boys and girls to get outside and stay active, safely be exposed to a seriously fun sport in a competitive environment, develop abilities that will carry over to other sports, and develop positive character attributes. Compared to other sports, rugby emphasizes technique and teamwork over power and individual abilities.

SPRING SEASON: 1-2 clinics are held each Spring to introduce the game to kids & parents. At one such clinic, former Redskins/Eagles WR James Thrash provided a POWER-ful motivational message about the benefits of playing multiple sports.  Another clinic welcomed former USA Rugby Eagle Prince Hall to the pitch to run drills and provide instruction to both inexperienced and returning players. Clinics are free of charge and designed to give families and their kids a great opportunity to try the sport without further commitment.

In 2017, SYA will hold a series of “Transition to Tackle” practices, starting in March, to introduce the techniques to make a safe tackle and give the kids a chance to decide if they want to play tackle or tag next summer.  Player safety is of paramount importance – we’re not going to enter a season of tackle without plenty of practice/training first.  Click here if you are interested in learning more.


SUMMER SEASON: Practices, held twice/week in the evenings (e.g. Tue&Thu), start the first week of June and games are Saturday mornings through the end of July.  For kids that are not committed to other sports in August, we’ll continue to hold fun practices, conduct scrimmages, and stay active until school begins.  Families are strongly encouraged to finish off Spring sports, attend any summer camps, and schedule summer vacations.  We understand the stress of other commitments, do not let time conflicts be the reason not to play rugby.

FALL SEASON:  SYA held our first “Fall Fun League” this past year.  Consisting of a series of clinics and scrimmages for new and experienced rugby players, the no-practice, Sundays-only schedule was set up to accommodate family schedule yet provide the opportunity to get the kids off their electronics and use some of that energy in a productive fashion.

We’re looking for players, volunteers, coaches of all ages, and sponsors looking to give back to the community.  For questions about the game and to learn more, please email  Click to like us on facebook/SYARugby or follow us on Twitter @SYARugby


Just what is youth rugby?

Youth Rugby is a fast, exciting, high-scoring game for kids boys and girls through middle school.  Youth Rugby is all about FUN – running with the ball, running in support, passing, and working closely as a team.  The SYA Rugby Program emphasize proper technique which promotes safety and fundamentally sound rugby.

Everyone is important and made to feel like a valuable contributor.  Rugby is a fast-paced game which is a great transition sport between spring and fall sports like soccer, football, and basketball. 
Parents love the sport because it keeps the kids active during the summer, emphasizes teamwork and communication, and skills learned during the summer can directly carry over to Fall activities.  Bonus for families with multiple children because all practices & games are held at the same time/place!


All rules of rugby apply with rule modifications in the interest of safety and considering the player’s age, size, strength, and skill level. Most coaches have USA rugby coaching certification and safety is of utmost concern.

For questions about the game and to learn more, please email  Click to like us on facebook/SYARugby or follow us on Twitter@SYARugbyButton-Like-Us-Facebook


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