WHAT: 7th annual Care Letter Campaign Operation
WHEN: Throughout January from 10am to 7pm (Additional Hours Available)
WHERE: 5400 Shawnee Road – Suite 301 Alexandria VA 22312
ACTIVITIES: Unpack/Stack/Mark Map location/Record/Review Care Letters and Stuff Boxes
REGISTER: http://americasadoptasoldier.eventbrite.com

Our Goal this year is 300,000 care letters. Over 75,000 Veterans are in Veteran Homes and Hospitals–many often don’t have family members or have families who are not close by to visit. To receive cards and letters of thanks from America (BIG HUGS) brings a smile and lets them know that our Nation is truly grateful. Many tape the cards up in their rooms or in their social areas. These cards (messages from our Nation) invoke a sense of caring, pride and honor knowing that they are not forgotten. We also add these cards and letters to Care Packages for our deployed service members – for many, having smart phones and computers is not an option, so having a few care letters tucked in their pockets reminds them that we are here, grateful, thankful and supportive for their sacrifices. We actually had a service member who had received a care letter while on deployment, and when he returned he showed us the care letter he had carried with him during his deployment. It was all crumbled up and you could barely make out the shape of the house, little tree, American flag, and the words “Thank You all Service Members for their Service and Sacrifices.”