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Travel Soccer Fees

Travel soccer fees can vary depending on the team, the number of tournaments entered and the associated amount of actual travel, and other factors. Generally speaking, the fees will be within this range; contact the specific team for a more specific budget.

Uniform (two jerseys, two pairs of socks, two pair shorts, training top): +/-  $175.00 (may last up to 3 years)

Annual fees with SYA: $1,600-$,1800, depending on age and team level (payable in 5 installments; includes league fees, insurance, coaches’ fees, referee costs, club fees for fields and administrative fees, etc.)

Tournaments: +/- $50.00 each, per player (x 2 or 3/season depending on the age; more for older teams)

Indoor league play: +/- $75.00 per player for the winter

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