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SYA Sports Park (continued)


SYA Sports Park is located on Bull Run Post Office Road in Centreville, Virginia

Take Route 29 South (south of Bull Run Elementary School and Pleasant Valley Road). Turn right at the traffic light onto Bull Run Post Office Road. Follow Bull Run Post Office Road for approximately 2 miles (there are several sharp curves). Look to your left for the gravel parking lot for SYA Sports Park. There will be a left hand turn lane at the entrance. When you pull in, turn to the right and the fields will be in front of you.

Pets and Ball Fields

Please remember to be respectful of your neighbors and our fields when deciding whether or not to bring a pet to a game.

There are many rules and restrictions involved with the schools, the Park Authority, Fairfax County and our SYA Sports Park. While they may be cute, friendly and most people love them, remember that most schools do not allow pets on their fields, and the Park Authority has specific rules about how close to a playing field a pet can be. Fairfax County also has leash laws that we encourage you to abide by. And mostly, please ensure that, if bringing your pet to a field is allowed, that you respect your neighbor and clean up after your pet.

On the fields that SYA owns at our SYA Sports Park on Bull Run Post Office Road, we allow pets with the following restrictions: they must be leashed; they cannot be closer than 15 feet to the playing surface; and you must clean up after them.

Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation!
SYA Board of Directors

June 2014
Sports Park Aerial Photos

Please enjoy a few aerial photos of the SYA Sports Park, compliments of longtime SYA supporter G & C Tire and Auto, Gregg Caldwell, Owner

image002 cr

image005 cr

image008 cr

image009 cr

image011 cr

image010 cr


November 2013
Eagle Scout Project
Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Jonathan Bidinger who selected the SYA Sports Park cross country trail for his Eagle Scout project. Jonathan, a member of Troop 893, participated in SYA cross country and track for 3 years. As seen from the pictures, Jonathan’s project was to improve on part of the SYA Sports Park Cross Country trail by filling in ruts and leveling the ground with gravel and mulch. By improving the trail, SYA can now extend our running course to hold official meets there. This project was completed by Jonathan in November. Please stop by the Sports Park to see his finished project.

Picture2acr  Picture5cr


Picture6acr  Picture10cr



July 2013
Sports Park Field Renovation
Field #3 at SYA Sports Park is being converted to
Bermuda grass

Field 3 reno cr

Field 3 reno 5 cr

shack bricks cr


September 2011
Sports Park Nature
At the SYA Sports Park, nature is at its best. Thanks to one of our volunteer parents, Bev Basham, for taking some amazing photos of praying mantises and cedar wax wings in and around our Park! Enjoy the pictures!

mantis 1


4748 wax wings 2

mantis 4

mantis 3

4677 wax wings 2


August 2011

Field Conversion Update

Sod work Aug 2011 new


Sod work Aug 2011 2 new

July 2011

Field Conversion
Field #4 at SYA Sports Park is being converted to
Bermuda grass, with completion set for the end of September.

field 4 2011 sized


April 2011

Ready for Spring
The fields at SYA Sports Park are ready for spring play.

005 FOD 3 22 11

008 FOD 3 22 11



March 2011

SYA Sports Park Spring
The storage shed has been successfully completed. The grass fields that had been winterized are uncovered for spring.

006 FOD 3 22 11 - Copy


Spring 2011 Grass after Tarps resize


Completed storage shed New Spring grass after winter blanket removal


February 2011

Winter Projects
There has been much progress on our pavilion and shed that are presently being built. All fields are currently shut down for winterizing—this included placing warming blankets on the main parts of the fields. The shed will provide some proper storage of facility maintenance items, and the pavilion will be a perfect setting for team get-togethers, picnics and cooling off areas. Thanks to the Avery Construction Co. on their progress!
Next on the horizon…batting cages…




January 2011

Pavilion and Shed Progress
Thanks to the Avery Construction Co. for all their hard work on our new pavilion and shed on the grounds of SYA Sports Park. They have done much work in the cold weather recently to provide us all with great places for picnics and storage.



Pavilion – January 2011 Shed – January 2011


November 2010

Pavilion and Shed Projects Begin
This fall SYA has constructed a new pavilion as well as a new shed for our use on the grounds. The shed will provide some proper storage for facility maintenance items. The pavilion will be a perfect setting for team get-togethers, picnics, and cooling off areas. Thanks to the Avery Construction Co. for their progress with expectation to complete before winter sets in.



Pavilion – November 2010 Storage Shed – November 2010


July 2010

Eagle Bridge Project
SYA has entered into its third Eagle Scout project in the last several years. This year, Ben Campbell, a Westfield High School student and SYA participant, initiated an Eagle Scout project and presented the idea to the SYA Board of Directors. The project was to build a walking bridge over the creek that heads toward the back side of the SYA property. This project was multi purposeful. First, the SYA has been working to expand our reach of the SYA Sports Park complex past the first 5 fields that we presently have. One of the efforts is to find a way to cross the creek, hence the bridge. The second part is that the SYA Cross Country program is looking to expand their current 1 mile course at the complex to a larger course and this bridge opens that door to the additional 80 acres of land that we own behind the current ball fields. We are very excited to have been a part of Ben’s wonderful experience and outstanding community service efforts.


Bridge – July 2010
April 2010
Efforts to improve our SYA Sports Park continue. The most recent effort is the result of input from you, the SYA Sports Park users. As users, it is important to pay attention to what is working, what is not working, what is needed, and what we can afford to do. As a result of concerns submitted through various channels, we have purchased and installed reflector poles for our parking lot railroad ties.
reflector single

Parking ties – April 2010~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another important issue is the safety of all users of the SYA Sports Park. Anytime that you are at a ballpark there is the possibility of balls leaving one ballfield and ending up on or around another. We have positioned several signs around the park to remind you to keep your eyes open for errant balls and other objects in, outside of, and around the fields. Please make sure that you are safe while using the fields.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~March 2010

The SYA Sports Park development project continues to push forward. New trash receptacles have now been installed. Along with this comes a trash service which will pick up and replace the liners regularly.

New Trash Receptacle

Trash receptacles – March 2010~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eagle Trail Project

The SYA Sports Park Eagle Project has been a collaboration between SYA and a group of local scouts in order to create our cross country trail through a number of work phases.


February 2010

Winter clean up and winterization efforts at the SYA Sports Park continues.

Cleanup work1
Winter turf
Winter Tarp 3
Winter tarp and treeline
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~January 2010
2009 brought about many new changes to the SYA Sports Park. As of January 2010, our vision is taking shape more and more every month, and it can be seen from the beautiful upgraded landscaping to the fenced-in diamonds to the newly added bleachers and benches.
Grass Field Backstop
Multiuse Field1


Fall 2009

The first Cross Country meet was held at the SYA Sports Park in the fall of 2009.

cross country starting line