Thirty-eight Centreville and Clifton area residents were honored recently by the Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) for their efforts during 2017, on behalf of the organization’s 13,000 registrants and their families in support of the 13 sports programs coordinated by SYA.  The volunteer honorees were nominated by the Commissioners of each sport.

“We couldn’t achieve our level of success in the broad range of sports we provide our area youth without volunteers,” explained SYA President Gary Flather. “These volunteers have time and time again showed their commitment to our mission.”

Also attending the reception were Fairfax County Board of Supervisors representatives Pat Herrity, the Springfield District Supervisor; and Kathy Smith, the Sully District Supervisor of Fairfax County.  SYA awarded plaques to both recognizing their continued support of youth sports programs. Additionally, retired Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey, a longtime supporter and active SYA Sports Park advisor to SYA, was honored for his commitment to the organization.

Flather presented his annual Presidents Award to Rob Hahne, who has been a volunteer with SYA since 1990. A special recognition was given to Ray Arduini of the Manassas-based Thurston Companies which has been providing support for the construction of the SYA Sports Park.

The 2017 Honorees were:

Name                                                 Sport

Patrick Thurston                              Babe Ruth

Dave Miller                                       Babe Ruth

Steve Shaffer                                    Babe Ruth

Kristi Purdy                                        Basketball

Joe Mancuso                                    Basketball

Brandon Vickers                              Basketball

Nadine Farrow                                 Cheerleading

Kira Mansfield                                  Cheerleading

Virginia Anderson                            Cheerleading

Molly Gift                                          Field Hockey

Tracey Barrett                                  Field Hockey

Julia Samantar                                  Field Hockey

Ernest Deconti                                 Football

Jun Bang                                            Football

Jody Corbet                                      Lacrosse

Scott Stewart                                   Lacrosse

Jeff Marciano                                   Lacrosse

Chris Campbell                                 Little League

Tom Holmberg                                 Little League

Doug Howenstein                            Little League

Michael “Woody” Slaymaker        Little League

Richard Nordenbrook                     Rugby

Jennifer Greenlief                            Rugby

Susie Hoopes                                    Rugby

Jose Aunon                                       Soccer

Mary Beth Hazelgrove                    Soccer

Cathy McCormick                            Soccer

Darrell Furr                                        Softball

Graham Stinchcomb                       Softball

Tim Neun                                           Track and Field

Patrick Morgan                                Track and Field

Bill Fleming                                       Volleyball

Sue Newman                                    Volleyball

Dave Dowgiallo                               Volleyball

Keith Sholders                                  Wrestling

Mark Weader                                   Wrestling

Scott Brubaker                                 Wrestling

Volunteer Reception