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Seniors Rules (Softball)

Seniors Rules (MS & HS)

 1. All games will be played according to American Softball Association (ASA) Softball Rules except for free substitution and the batting of all players in order; all players will bat.


2. Game duration is 7 innings.


3. For single games, no new inning will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes; drop dead time is 1 hour and 55 Minutes.  For double-headers, no new inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes; drop dead time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.  If either team is participating in a double-header then the double-header times apply.  If an inning is not complete, the score will revert back to the last full inning.  Games may end in a tie.  Games are official if the time has expired, regardless of inning or if the trailing team has completed their offensive half of the 4th inning prior to any suspension or postponement of play.  Suspended play shall be considered no game and will be replayed.


4. Teams may start and play with 7 players.  If a team has less than 7 players the official game is a forfeit.  A forfeit will be declared 15 minutes after the official start time or if the team membership is less than 7 players at any time.


5. Players arriving after the start of the game will be listed at the end of the batting order.


6. All players are to be played each game and shall meet the following participation rules:  less than 4 innings – minimum 2 innings, greater than 4 innings – minimum 3 innings.  Once a girl has sat out an inning she will not sit again until all players have had their turn sitting out.


7. A pitcher is limited to three innings.  After six full innings, a pitcher may re-enter to pitch the seventh inning.  Participation as pitcher for part of an inning will count as a complete inning.


8. Designated runner allowed for catcher and pitcher with two outs, runner must be player who made the last out.


9. Teams shall play no more than 4 infielders and 3 outfielders on defense.


10. The maximum number of runs per inning is limited to 4.  After 4 innings are completed runs are unlimited.


11. A game may be temporarily delayed if it is raining or if lightning is seen.  In the case of lightning, players are to immediately go to cars or shelter with a roof.  No game can restart until 15 minutes after lightning is last seen.  If a game is delayed, the scheduled end time will be extended by the amount of the delay.



As of: March 1, 2017 agreed by all leagues.

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