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Little Junior Rules (Softball)

Little Juniors Rules


A player’s eligibility is determined by her age on January 1 of the current year for the spring season and January 1 of the following year for the fall season. The player must be age 4-6 to be eligible to play in the Little Junior League.
The SYA Softball General Rules, with the additions, modifications, and clarifications indicated below, govern play of the game.
Scores and
No scores or standings are maintained in the Little Juniors. However, each coach should maintain a fielding lineup to help them keep track of where their fielders have played and a batting lineup to make sure everyone bats each inning.
Balls 11″ rubberized softballs will be used.
Bases Bases are set at 50’ or 55’. 50’ is the preferred distance, but if bases are secured at 55’, this distance is acceptable.
The pitcher’s rubber is set at 30’.
Umpires The offensive coaches serve as the umpires and base coaches when their team is batting. An additional coach will stand behind the catcher and count pitches and help the catcher retrieve balls.
Adult Pitcher Coaches are expected to develop at least one adult pitcher to pitch to their batters. Adult pitchers should try to throw the ball with as little arc as possible to help prepare batters for the next level of play where they will face player pitchers. The adult pitcher must pitch from inside the 8’ circle around the pitching rubber.
Number of
Adult pitchers throw up to 3 pitches to their team’s batters. After 3 pitches, a tee is placed in front of home plate and the player gets an unlimited number of swings to hit the ball off the tee. After 3 attempts, the coach can help the batter hit the ball.
No Hit by
A batter cannot reach first base by being hit by a coach’s pitch.
Batting All players bat once each inning. A batted ball must travel 5 feet to be considered a fair ball.
Adult Pitcher
There is no adult pitcher interference. The ball is in play if it hits the adult pitcher.
Coaches can assist batters at any time in order to provide instruction on proper stance and swing.
No Stealing Runners cannot steal bases.
No Bunting Bunting is not allowed.
Coaches should work very hard with their players during practices and games to keep them from throwing their bats after they hit the ball. A coach can sit a player out for one at bat if she throws a bat in a dangerous manner.
Defense All players play defense each inning. There can be up to 2 pitchers but they cannot be closer to home plate than the pitcher’s rubber and one foot must be inside the pitcher’s circle. There can be only 4 infielders besides the pitchers. The catcher must assume a crouching position behind home plate. All other fielders must be positioned in the outfield grass.
Players must rotate positions every inning. Players must play at least one inning in the outfield for every two innings they play in the infield. Players must be allowed to try every position during the season.
Two defensive coaches can be in the infield or outfield when their team is on the field.The coaches can instruct and position players at any time during play but cannot touch any player while play is live.
When an infielder catches a hit ball, coaches should stop runner advancement as soon as runners reach the base they are going to. When a ball is hit to the outfield, the runners should stop their advancement as soon as the outfielder throws the ball into the infield, regardless of whether an infielder catches the ball.

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