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SYA Rugby Sponsorship & Donations
Please support local youth programs


I’m not going to blow smoke about how we can drive revenue to your business, that’s inherently difficult and I’m not going to start a relationship on false promises.  This is about supporting kids in the community, plain and simple.  Yes, the program and the families will strive to support your business, but we need your help.  Make it personal and make it count.

The success of the SYA Rugby Program is entirely run by volunteers (coaches/admin) and depends on team sponsorships and donations to manage costs.  Thus, sponsorships/donations are needed to keep costs down, ensure youth have sufficient equipment and a safe environment to play.  Can we give local businesses added value through marketing and branding option?  Contact the league office and let’s discuss options about what works for you.

Types of expenses incurred in running this program:

  • Administrative: Fairfax field fees, USA and Rugby Virginia membership fees, CIPP dues, etc.
  • Uniform: Rugby jerseys, shorts, socks, balls, scrimmage pinnies, etc.
  • Rugby Equipment: Rugby balls, cones, sideline flags, sun canopy, medical kit, seating, etc.
  • Advertising: Team banner, posters, yard signs, business cards, etc.
  • Long-term goal: Custom jerseys and Rugby goal posts

All revenue goes directly towards the program and benefits our kids.  Coaches/trainers/etc don’t make a dime – their hard-work is rewarded tenfold by the success of our kids on the field.

Volunteers Needed
What can you do to make this program a success?


This program is entirely run by volunteers with a passion for the game, family members who want the best for their kids, students that need community time or a service project, or just some darn good-natured people who want to help out.  Which category do you best fit it?  (we can make more!)

Areas you can help:

– Coaching (we will train you) – Graphic work
– Referee (any experience?) – Website and Social Media
– Team Managers – Field preparation
– Age Group Coordinators – Equipment sponsors
– Athletic Training – Advertising

This program is rapidly growing and with it, the number of responsibilities.  Send the league office email today!

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