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Rugby in FCPS Schools

Elementary students at after-school programs learn about the game

The SYA Youth Rugby program has started a series “Introduction to Rugby” clinics for students at after-school programs at Fairfax County Elementary Schools in Centreville, Clifton, and Chantilly. These non-contact clinics encourage children to try a new sport and develop new abilities (catching, passing, running, evasion, etc) that enhance motor skills that can be used in other sports. As their exposure and ability in the sport grows, so does their confidence level!  It is our hope that not only do we grow awareness of rugby in the community, but we provide an outlet for children that may not be involved in other sporting activities.


I wasn’t going to try it, I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I’m so glad I did – I love rugby!
– Quote from a quiet, 3rd grade girl

During the clinic, instructors assist in demonstrating the basics of rugby to the students through a series of fun games and activities.  There is no blocking or tackling in this sport, we play it safe, using “flags” to simulate tackles in appropriate exercises.  The activities are very similar to those every kid should know – activities like “Relay Races”, “Hot Potatoes”, “Freeze Tag”, and the all-time favorite “Sharks vs. Minnows” will be played.  Based on the award-winning Rookie Rugby curriculum, the rules and instructions of the games are very similar, the activities jurookierugbylogost incorporate a rugby ball.

SYA Youth Rugby, working with members from the FCPS Department of Health and Physical Education, have started developing a skills-based lesson plan using the LEARN method to introduce elements of rugby for elementary and middle schools. The benefits of introducing rugby in this safe environment include peer involvement, positive reinforcement, and increased physical activity.  Each of which have a positive impact on a child’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

These free clinics were made possible by generous donations by the US Rugby Foundation who provided nearly $500 in equipment to allow SYA to provide rugby balls and training material.  The USRF’s mission is provide every young rugby player in the country with their very own rugby ball.  For more information visit:

The SYA Youth Rugby Program will be hosting a pair of FREE clinics.  If you would like more information about upcoming clinics or would like to have one hosted at your school, boys or girls club, youth group, or similar organization, please contact the league office:

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