Skill Evaluations

What are Skill Evaluations? Skill Evaluations are the tool we use to rank all players. SYA strives to develop basketball players in a competitive environment. Our philosophy is to form teams of comparable strength to ensure fun, fair, competitive games. To meet this objective SYA uses a three-step process.


  1. The first step is a relatively brief skill evaluation – where coaches can measure the skills of all the players.
  2. The second step is to compile the skill evaluations, rank the players, and publish the results to the coaches.
  3. The third step is an open draft, where our coaches, guided by their notes and the overall rankings, select players in a round-robin manner.

While not perfect, this method creates relatively balanced teams. It is imperative that all players attend their skill evaluation. We have included one make-up night per league in an attempt to ease schedule conflicts. Who Must Attend Skill Evaluations? All players from 4th Grade up must participate in a skill evaluation. If you know you cannot attend the skill evaluations – please contact your League Commissioners to discuss your situation. WARNING – If you do not attend a skill evaluation or its make-up – you may not be placed on a team. For Summer 2017 only 5th Grade and higher will have a Skill Evaluation.

Skill Evaluations Schedule


Boys 3-4th grade                Wednesday, June 12       Deer Park ES                      7:30-9pm


Boys 5-6th grade                Thursday, June 13             Centre Ridge ES              6-7:30pm


Boys 7-8th grade                Wednesday, June 12       CVHS                                   7:30-9pm


Boys 9-12th grade             Thursday, June 13             CVHS                                  7:30-9pm


Girls 3-6th grade                Monday, June 10               London Towne ES           6-7:30pm


Girls 7-12th grade              Wednesday, June 12               CVHS                                7:30-9pm