SYA Basketball Rules 2018-2019

All play will be in accordance with the National Federation of State High School Associations’ 2006-2007 Rules Book, except as amended, or supplemented herein. Click on link below for a pdf version of SYA 2018-2019 Rules.

SYA Basketball rules 2018-2019 pdf

Draft Procedures and Team Formation

In response to requests for changes to the team formation procedures from parents and coaches, but with the overall goal of maintaining balanced teams, SYA adopted draft procedures in October, 2002. It is imperative that all league commissioners and coaches adhere to these procedures.
The features of the draft procedures are summarized in the following pdf.

Draft Procedures

All-Star Team Selection Guidance

At the end of the regular season, we select players for all-star games to recognize their achievements throughout the season. The following pdf document details the All-star team selection procedures to be followed by SYA Basketball House Leagues.

All-Star Team Selection Guidance

Gym Use Rules

The following 3 rules are to be followed without exception.

  1. No food or drink allowed in school property with the exception of water.
  2. No dribbling or bouncing of balls in school hallways.
  3. Players are not to wear shorts with pockets. No exceptions. This is a safety issue.

Click on link below to see Fairfax County’s rules concerning gym use.

Fairfax County’s Gym Use Regulations