The Fall player pitch players are all expected to attend each session of the following practices/tryouts. These will give the coaches a running start into their drafts and team practices which will start the following week. We understand that some players will not be able to attend some or all of these session so please don’t hesitate in contacting your Player Agent to let them know. Players that live East of Rt 28, should attend the East sessions and those who live West of Rt 28 should attend the West sessions. Come prepared for practice with baseball pants, shirt, hat and glove at a minimum.

East – Player Agent: Regina Johnson,
Tuesday, August 14, 6pm, LLV
Thursday, August 16, 6pm, LLV
Saturday, August 18, 10am, LLV

West – Player Agent: Larry Hopkins,
Tuesday, August 14, 6pm, Cub Run ES
Thursday, August 16, 6pm, Cub Run ES
Saturday, August 18, 10am, Cub Run ES

All other levels, MP, CP, TB, we are getting teams organized and will let coaches know next week. Their practices can begin as early as August 18.